* Self-evaluations allow you to compare the type of person you think you are with who you truly are based on a series of questionnaires.


* Overall results help you discover what to do to build stronger and more positive relationships now and in the future.


* Based on excerpts from the book The Best Advice Your Mother Never Gave You from author,  psychotherapist and international speaker Cathy’s Lumsden. After more than 25 years of counselling over 100,000 clients, Cathy Lumsden offers new hope and advice for individuals seeking healthy relationships.

Throughout the application, expert advise is given by Cathy to help you along the journey to discover your true self.


“Most of us choose our partners unknowingly based on our limiting beliefs  and MASKs.  Now you can understand why you  choose  certain  individuals  over others, why your relationships are working  or not and where you need to improve either individually or as a couple.” Cathy Lumsden

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