Ottawa, Canada, March 19, 2014

My True Self gets featured on CTV NEWS.


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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - March 14, 2014

A new relationship app aims to demystify who you are -- and who you should be dating -- in about 25 minutes.


My True Self is composed of numerous questionnaires, varying from conflict management to sexual compatibility. Each questionnaire provides a short result based on the answers provided by the user.


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Creative new app My True Self helps people to understand themselves in order to improve or start a new relationship. My True Self (MTS) from Time To Information answers the age old question ‘why do so many relationships fail’ and helps a person to clearly see how to better align themselves in relationships based on who they are.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - February 28, 2014


Who doesn’t want to have a relationship that will last?  We’ve all been there, we think it’s going to last forever at the start and then the relationship starts failing.  Before we know it, it’s too late and we start asking ourselves why?  Often pointing the blame on the other person.


We wonder whose fault it is.  We analyze the relationships history and all the small things that seemed to add up to it’s conclusion.  What we’re not very good at is looking at ourselves in the mirror to see who we truly are and are not. My True Self is an app that was designed to help anyone who wants to know who they are from a relationship point of view, so that they can seek partners who more align to their lifestyle or to see how they might help themselves in their existing relationship.


Helping people to see who they truly are, was an incredibly difficult application to develop so we engaged the very best professionals in the field.  We needed to understand relationships and how we see ourselves in them” commented Terry Billingsley of Time To Information.


Terry’s team worked with Author Cathy Lumsden M.A who wrote the highly successful book The Best Advice Your Mother Never Gave You and who hosted the TV show The Best Advice in developing the app My True Self. “Working with Cathy was our first choice as she has such a deep understanding and commitment towards helping people develop healthy relationships” said Terry Billingsley, President of Time To Information.


If we can help just one couple change their future by improving their chances for a long and fulfilling relationship, then we potentially change a child’s future thereby changing the world one couple at a time” said Cathy Lumsden, author and psychotherapist.

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